• Paper sessions are 100 minutes long, with five papers of 20 minutes each per session, including discussion time.
  • Panel and poster sessions are also 100 minutes long.
  • All paper and panel sessions are held in the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB MACC) meeting rooms.
  • Poster sessions are in the entry foyer outside the conference rooms. Posters dimensions should not exceed 36 x 48 inches. Content should be legible at a distance of three feet.
  • A projector with VGA and HDMI connections and cables is available in each meeting room.
  • The chair of each session or their designate must bring a laptop with which to display PowerPoint presentations. If the laptop does not have VGA or HDMI ports, which are the most common, the chair or their designate is responsible for bringing appropriate adaptors. Mac laptops, for example, do not have VGA ports and may or may not have HDMI ports.
  • All meeting rooms have WiFi Internet connections.
  • Stay in touch with the chair and other presenters in your session.

“Patterson Park Chesapeake Mural” by artists Shawn James and Charles Lawrance.
East Fayette Street, Baltimore