All sessions will be held on Zoom.  The program, which will be sent to all registered participants, will provide the invitation necessary to log in at the appropriate time and day. Moderators will manage video and voice access. Presenters will be responsible for sharing power-point or other illustrations from their own computers during their presentation. Participants can pose questions at any time via the chat function; for paper sessions only and at the discretion of the session chair, attendees will be able to ask questions directly via voice and video.

Evening plenary sessions, including Wednesday’s Welcome Session will also be accessed by Zoom.

All paper, panel, and workshop sessions are 80 minutes long, with 10 minutes between sessions. Each session will accommodate three or four papers at 15 minutes each with time for introductions and discussion, or a full panel or workshop presentation. Chairs will be responsible for maintaining time, noting that the 10-minute break is necessary to transition between sessions. Each session will automatically close after 83 minutes. Session participants are asked to log on 7 minutes early to test their video and audio.
Chairs have the responsibility to cut off presenters who go on too long without bringing their presentation to a conclusion, ensuring that each presenter gets equal time to present. We also ask that attendees turn off their camera, in addition to their microphone, while papers are being presented. Moderators may automatically turn-off microphones and cameras of attendees as needed.

Judges will use the REP Paper Presentation Rubric provided to them for evaluting papers in the student research presentation competition.

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, or feel uneasy about using Zoom in a conference setting, we encourage you to attend the virtual “welcome reception” on Wednesday, October 21 at 5pm, where a Q&A session will occur and Zoom practice will be possible.

“Patterson Park Chesapeake Mural” by artists Shawn James and Charles Lawrance.
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