Online Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference
October 22-23, 2020

The X REP Conference Board has approved converting the 2020 REP Conference in Baltimore to a smaller, virtual online model that will focus on the Covid-19 pandemic and vulnerable populations. The full, in-person conference is rescheduled for October 2021.

The extended conference will include the following online sessions:

  • Panel, paper, or speaker sessions with a focus on Covid-19 and vulnerable populations
  • Student paper sessions with awards for best papers
  • Community events, e.g. films, speakers, etc., relevant to Baltimore

The 2020 online REP conference will focus on the Covid-19 pandemic and vulnerable populations . We call for original papers and panel submissions that further our understanding of social, environmental, and community justice issues that intersect with race, ethnicity, and diversity.

For over seventeen years, the Race, Ethnicity, and Place (REP) Conference has brought together diverse groups of scholars to facilitate research on race and ethnicity and has provided a critical gathering place of support and collaboration for underrepresented scholars. The REP Conference provides important opportunities for faculty, professionals, and graduate students to engage in discussions of timely and critical issues regarding race and ethnicity in multiple places and spatial contexts worldwide.

Mural : “Soul Queen” by artist Megan Lewis, along with the help of youth workers.
BOPA, at 1905 Division St. and 528 Robert St., Baltimore.