2021 REP/MAD-AAG Conference

Justice and the City in an Age of Social Division

Registration, submission, workshop applications and student registration and travel grant applications are now available.

Plans for the Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference/MAD-AAG in 2021

Following a successful 2020 virtual conference in place of the long-planned XIth Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference (REP) in Baltimore, organizers are planning a hybrid in-person and virtual conference for October 20-23, 2021, together with the The Mid-Atlantic Division of the AAG (MAD-AAG).

In trying to balance varied opportunities for participation, we recognize that national and international Covid-19 restrictions will remain in place for many months and that not everyone will be able to travel easily by October. We also recognize that colleges and universities may restrict travel or have constrained travel budgets, all working to limit how many people may be able to participate in an in-person conference.

At the same time, REP has important NSF funding for a workshop to be held in Baltimore at Morgan State University on Advancing Geography at HBCUs and other MSIs (PBIs, HSIs, Tribal Colleges, and other MSIs). These institutions educate significant numbers of non-traditional, minority, and disadvantaged students who may not have access to institutions in which geography thrives as a discipline. The NSF funds are to be used for travel to the conference for workshop participants in 2020, and NSF has extended the funds to 2021. We have been working with a number of geographers at HBCUs and other MSIs in a virtual workshop over the 2020-2021 academic year and do not want to lose momentum on the important goal of advancing geography in these institutions. For information on the NSF workshop, including who is eligible to apply for participation, see here.

Activities and sessions of the 2021 REP/MAD conference will be held at the Hotel Indigo in near downtown Baltimore and at the nearby Maryland Historical Society. See the Accommodation page for more information.

With these travel issues in mind, we plan to host an in-person conference in Baltimore to anchor the NSF workshop as originally proposed to NSF. The in-person conference will remain focused on the original theme of Justice and the City in an Age of Social Division and Baltimore in particular, while simultaneously offering a thematically broader virtual conference on the successful model we employed in 2020. Notably, the 2020 virtual conference participants included many students and geographers living and working outside of the US who would not normally be able to participate in an in-person conference in the US, and, consistent with the conference’s history, we want to be able to continue to engage these folks.  For now, stay tuned to learn about plans as we are able to confirm them. You can always check on this website for updated information or reach out to Joe Wood at jswood@ubalt.edu

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