REP XII Conference

Mapping and Empowerment

The 2023 REP Conference theme emphasizes the role of mapping in representing and promoting diverse voices, experiences, and knowledge within the classroom, in research endeavors and through public pedagogy. We believe that critical cartography may be used in curricula, research and in the public realm as an important tool in recruiting students, future scholars, and other professionals from traditionally marginalized groups. As such, we encourage the participation of students, scholars, and activists who wish to explore varied and innovative applications of mapping, recognizing that critical cartographies can represent alternative ways of imagining and understanding the world in more diverse and socially just ways. The 2023 REP Conference will therefore build on past REP objectives of diversity and inclusion by specifically engaging with critical cartography as a space and tool to advance geography as an inclusive discipline that seeks to advance equity. 

REP XII will be hosted by George Washington University in Washington, DC, on October 11-14, 2023.

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