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The Xth REP Conference will take place in October 2021.

A smaller online conference focused on Race, Ethnicity, Place and the Covid-19 Pandemic took place in October, 2020. This was a joint meeting with the Mid-Atlantic Division of the AAG.
Read a summary of the 2020 virtual conference and watch the plenary

Xth REP Conference
October 20-23, 2021

Join us in downtown Baltimore from October 20-23, 2021 for an invigorating exchange of ideas at the 10th bi-annual REP Conference. The 2021 REP Conference hosts are Morgan State University and the University of Baltimore. The conference theme, Justice and the City in an Age of Social Division, ties in strongly with current and ongoing struggles for civil and human rights in Baltimore. Paper and plenary sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday at the Hotel Indigo and the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon District. Intrepid walkers will have wide access to neighborhoods for self-directed and formal field trips, and vans as well as public transportation extend the geographical opportunities to engage with people who know Baltimore. A pre-conference workshop on building and supporting geography in Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutions will take place on Wednesday, October 20, at Morgan State University.

The conference location in downtown Baltimore is located close to Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore’s once thriving black downtown and center of urban unrest in 1968 and 2015. You can compare Freddie Gray’s neighborhood with white neighborhoods a stone’s throw away and follow the sectoral pathways of black residential expansion. Learn about the city’s racialized geography of housing, crime, education, employment opportunities, public health, food ways, banking, social services, and more. See where Baltimore’s Hispanic population is clustering. Meet and talk with local historians, community activists and organizers, pastors, writers, and artists from Baltimore’s underrepresented communities. Explore downtown Baltimore’s thriving museums, bookstores, restaurants, and clubs.

For more conference information, tailored readings on Baltimore, or to volunteer ideas or to help in confeation, tailored readings on Baltimore, or to volunteer ideas or to help in confrence planning and implementation, contact Joseph S. Wood at

REP Conference Statement on Systemic Racism and Police Violence

The X Race, Ethnicity, and Place (REP) conference organizers express their outrage at the continued and unrepentant assault on people of color and underrepresented groups of all kinds across the United States. In this moment of resistance while under pandemic quarantine, we extend our strongest moral support for and solidarity with victims of systemic racism and police violence and to the millions of peaceful protestors who have taken to the streets to demand an end to the killings of black people and for the dismantling of policies and practices that have systematically devalued black lives.

But we have to do more. REP conferences have long been sites for interrogating forces sustaining racial and ethnic division and discrimination. That has meant learning from communities and neighborhoods impacted by economic inequality and by generations impacted by discrimination leading to low educational opportunities, under-employment, unresponsive public health systems, deficient housing, and over-policing and incarceration. Justice and the City in an Age of Social Division is the theme of the 2020 REP Conference in Baltimore (now extended to 2021 with a virtual component in 2020—see the conference update following). The conference location and theme were intended to celebrate the fortitude of Baltimore neighborhoods and learn from community members themselves how to employ an equity lens on policy, undertake social and economic investment in communities and neighborhoods, and understand how communities themselves are working to build neighborhoods and social and economic foundations needed to sustain healthy communities.

Please join us in using the REP Conference as a space to expand upon its theme to workshop progressive change that highlights issues raised by the anti-racist movement of the moment and that may lead to concrete action. We especially invite AAG Specialty Groups to work directly with conference organizers to develop sessions relevant to their constituent members.

“Seeds”, painted by artist Ernest Shaw and participants of Youthworks Baltimore program.
3000-3100 block of Woodland Ave., Baltimore

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